Who doesn’t like taking sailing photos and videos? Modern cell phone technology makes capturing and sharing images and movies easy. The trouble is maintaining a good grip on the phone, especially on a moving boat. And how many photos and videos have managed to capture the photographer’s finger in the image?

A year or so ago I came across the Joby GripTight POV Kit. This is a cool little device that provides users to hold the camera securely. But that’s not all it will do, it connects to the phone with Bluetooth enabling the photographer to control the camera without touching the phone. Why is this cool? Well, it eliminates fumbling looking for the shutter button making it easier to capture an image or start the camera rolling.

The Joby Grip Tight also serves as a small stand. Want to watch a video, set it up a as monitor stand. Or use a wireless keyboard and the phone becomes a small computer. The mount is a standard GoPro mount enabling the phone to be securely attached to any GoPro mount. Set the camera on a something stable and use the Bluetooth button to take selfies and group shots without an annoying selfie stick! Can you tell I like it? And only about $20 online.

Earlier this year I shot a short video while hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains using my iPhone 6s and the Joby GripTight POV Kit, take a look.



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