Eliminate Holding Tank Odor

Eliminating head and holding tank odors is a common topic on sailing forums. At the root of the problem is an imbalance between the good (aerobic) bacteria and the bad (anaerobic) bacteria. Aerobic bacteria break down waste without creating strong odors while anaerobic bacteria create strong sulfur odors to which most of us object. The solution is to provide enough oxygen to the aerobic bacteria so they can live well and prosper, dominating the anaerobic bacteria. 

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Improve Cell Phone Photos and Videos

Who doesn’t like taking sailing photos and videos? Modern cell phone technology makes capturing and sharing images and movies easy. The trouble is maintaining a good grip on the phone, especially on a moving boat. And how many photos and videos have managed to capture the photographer’s finger in the image?

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Dust Deputy



Dust. DIY boat owners forever battle dust. Dust is not our friend, in its most benign presence it can ruin an otherwise perfect gloss in our varnish or paint jobs, at its worst it poisons the environment and us.

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Kriket V-Belt Tension Gauge

Kirk V-Belt Tension Guage

Sometimes there is a lot of guesswork involved on making some adjustments. Steering cables need to be tight, but not too tight. Fittings need to be secure, yet it is impractical to put a torque wrench on every nut and bolt. One mystical adjustment is engine v-belt tension. Too loose, the belt wears, sprays dust everywhere, over heats accessories, and doesn’t drive the water pump or alternator efficiently. Too tight and the v-belt puts excessive tension on the bearings and pulleys, wears quickly, and over heats accessories.

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Hose Removal Tool


Hose Removal Tool  Over time hoses seem to become one with the fitting to which they are attached. Often located in difficult to reach places removal can be a real struggle. This simple inexpensive tool gets between the hose and fitting, breaking the bond and stretching the hose just enough to wiggle the hose free. A real knuckle saver!