Sneak Peek: Coming Soon to Good Old Boat

Here's a sneak peak to an article to appear in the September Good Old Boat Magazine.




Holding Tank Upgrade

Sleeping soundly on Identity Crisis, our 1981 Sabre 30 was becoming a challenge. The cushions were fine, the docks and anchorages secure. The company could not have been better. It was the odors wafting from the holding tank and plumbing located beneath the V-berth. It was clearly time to upgrade the plumbing.

Causes of head odor

The first step on the way to removing the odor was to understand the cause of the odor. Peggie Hall’s book Get Rid of Boat Odors was a helpful resource. The root of all head odors is the bacterial process by which waste decomposes. Head odors are the result of the good guys losing to the bad guys.

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